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As I’ve traveled down this blogging road with Rubber Chicken Madness, certain posts resonate more with readers. They’re often also the posts that are nearest and dearest to my heart.

welcome to my world It’s a fine line – Ever been judged as a parent? Ever done the judging? This is the post for you.

Have a little lobster – If you have ever had to choose between your child and your budget, you’ll appreciate this moment from our California vacation

Perfect just the way they are – I can’t be the only person on the planet who puts off having her teens portraits taken. Can I?

Reap what we sow – The day will come when your child will pull out the independent, assertive version of himself (you know, the self you hope he’ll be as an adult). Maybe you’ll be lucky like me and it’ll be with the Vice Principal at the high school. Sigh.

It wasn’t what I was expecting – Your children will surprise you. You had better be ready.