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The Price of Invulnerability

I love Brene Brown. She inspires me every single time I hear her speak. This TED talk is no exception. Her wisdom about the risks of clinging to invulnerability power through my stubborn brain and make me ponder how my life might be infinitely better with a little more risk. I tend to cling to my perfectionism, hold tight to my pride, and keep anyone who could truly touch my heart at a safe distance.

Invulnerability holds me back.

As I set out this year to focus on the joy in my life, her words speak volumes to my heart. It’s time to change my patterns. It’s time to live a life of joy — and to do that, I must risk hurt. I cannot let invulnerability be the force that shapes my life. That’s backwards. Fear, shame and pride cannot be the path. One baby step at a time, I will step forward toward joy, love and belonging. Who’s with me?