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What if I would just look up?

look up One of my favorite effects of blogging is how my thinking is altered and stretched by people  whom I have never met. It is surreal, really, how the words of an unfamiliar person can change the course of one’s life. But inspiration literally comes from everywhere, friends, acquaintances, even strangers.

Take for example, this powerful guest post by Maribel on Ilene Evans’ blog: Look Up. Go ahead, take a minute or two and pop over there to read it. It’s worth your time…I’ll wait…

I first read those words several months ago, and they still resonate in my head. Those words nail an unavoidable truth in my own life.

How much of my life do I miss because I’m looking down?

How many connections with people who could enhance my life?

What if I could see where I was going more clearly? To be confident in that direction? Striding toward it strongly rather than shuffling along unsure?

What if all it took was to look up?

Meet the eyes of the people in front of me.

Connect. Communicate. Engage.

How many of those connections would lead to positive interactions that buoy my heart through the darker times?

How many of those communications would bring a smile to my face?

How many of those engagements would enrich my life with new experiences, new friends, new opportunities?

If I just raised my head and looked up.

What would it feel like to know exactly where I’m going? With my work? With my writing? With my life?

My eyes on the future, a focal point to guide my path.

But even if the path was unclear, recognizing that my resilient nature gives me strength to step out in a new direction, looking forward.

What would that be like?

It is time to find out.

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