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When is the Chess Club Pep Assembly?

Last Friday evening as Thing Two and I decompressed over some dinner, it came to light that one of the conversation worthy events of his school day was the Homecoming Pep Assembly in the gym at the end of the day.

It’s always interesting to me to listen to his unique perspective on all things “high school.” So, I took the golden opportunity to ask a few curious questions during our dinner conversation. You know, to get inside his 14-year-old head.

As usual, he was quite forthcoming.

Turns out, he doesn’t mind at all that each class is shortened by a few minutes in order to accommodate the assembly. [I’m not surprised.]

He also doesn’t mind watching the cute dance team girls. [Shocker, huh?]

But he gets more than slightly annoyed by the assembly’s focus on only the major boys’ sports (football and basketball and sometimes soccer), with minor nods to the girls’ teams.

YAY for the BOYS’ FOOTBALL team!

Yay for the boys’ tennis team.

Yay for the girls’ tennis team. (And aren’t those dancers fun?)
Yay for everyone else.

Our school district has many wonderful academic teams — many of which are simply outstanding, not only within our school district, but in the metro area, and even in the entire state. We wondered: When are THOSE teams celebrated? Why do the pep assemblies always seem to support and celebrate only the major sports teams? And mostly boys’ sports at that?

Seems a bit skewed.

To be fair, we love our sports around this house, so we’re not suggesting that celebrations of the State Champion football team should not happen. Or that we shouldn’t be super-proud of the soccer team for winning regionals. Just hoping for some balance, you know?

What do you think? How can we celebrate the OTHER kids?