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Memories Captured: Second Chances

it is the response that counts

Not so very long ago, I had a tough moment of mom honesty with my kid. I had missed his only basket on the basketball court all season because I was checking my email.

I am relieved to share today that I didn’t miss his second.

And it couldn’t have been a better testimonial for his coach.

Our team was ahead by several points.

The clock had just a few seconds left.

Coach made sure Thing Two got the ball.

The defense did their thing.

And my boy scored!

On the last play of the regular season.

In the final seconds of the game.

And I didn’t miss it!

(Although to be fair, I might have. My dad and I were engaged in a deep conversation about iPhone apps — but the fact that I pulled myself out of sideline conversation and back to the game might just be evidence that I learn from my mistakes once in a while.)

What was the last mistake you learned from?

I’m linking up today with Memories Captured.

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