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I’m not overweight, I’m undertall

Yesterday, I was running late and although I grabbed a lunch out of my freezer, it wasn’t what I wanted. At all.

It was some kind of dried up half chicken breast covered in something indescribable and surrounded by freezer burnt roasted veg that had probably turned all mealy and gross.

As fate would have it, I had a meeting off campus and was in my car around lunchtime.

Oh, I could have easily been drawn to a deliciously juicy backyard style burger with waffle fries.

Or a hefty slice of pizza from the new joint in town.

But, no…I thought I was being fairly “good” when I stopped by Subway. You know, the fast food mecca for followers of Jared, St. Slim of Subway.

I got a nice LITTLE six inch sandwich on flatbread — which I erroneously assumed was going to be SMALLER in calories since it takes up so much less space.

I skipped the mayo but had some pepper jack.

Tossed on some veg and some deli mustard.

Then grabbed some chips (all right, I should have grabbed those styrofoam style “baked” chips) but the Mrs. Vickies Salt and Vinegar chips were there and you seriously can’t expect me to walk on by those delicious nuggets of tart saltiness, can you?

After all, it was FRIDAY and they’re SO hard to find in town.

And I skipped the mayo, for Heaven’s sake. A girl has to LIVE a little, right?

I poured my iced tea — with its beneficial health characteristics of antioxidants and zero carbonation.

I raced back to work, ate my lunch (savoring every little bite, mind you), and finished up my work day.

This evening, I set about putting it all in my favorite new app (MyFitnessPal) — No, I don’t make a dime if you download it…just want you to know it’s fabulous.

And what to my wondering eyes does appear?

A freaking 560 calorie lunch.


That’s almost half my calories for the entire day!

It sucks to be short.

You only get to consume half the calories of the average bear.

Or weigh what they do at only half the height.

So, for dinner I had my Friday night glass of Cabernet and celery sticks.


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