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It’s my anniversary…

bigstock_Serving_Of_Fun_6471595 It’s my second blogging anniversary.

It comes at a time of year when I don’t particularly want to celebrate anniversaries.

The anniversary of my divorce was last week.

My wedding anniversary would have been yesterday.

And it’s the time of year that marks another year gone since The Man Who Would Be King and I split up.

So many not so positive things.

And so, I wasn’t going to even announce this anniversary.

But this morning, I feel differently.

In the past two years, I have learned so much. Met so many. Grown by leaps and bounds.

I have learned to laugh. Cried among friends and built a following.

I have learned basic coding, the ins and outs of WordPress and with tremendous help from a dear friend redesigned my blog (Thank you, Laverne!).

This day, January 8, will continue to serve as a bright spot in the failed relationships of my life that seem to congregate at the beginning of the year.

I celebrate here, with you, and it is good.

I’d send you all flowers, but my gift giving budget has been slashed.

I raise my glass to you as I say thank you for joining me on this ride. (My glass is full of coffee, after all I still have to go to the job that pays the bills. They kind of frown on champagne for breakfast.)

The coming year holds so much promise.

I am so very glad you are here.