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Five Minute Friday: Cherished

Five Minute Friday  Another busy work week is in the books. I managed to get everything done (so far) and managed to keep my stress levels down. As I head toward the weekend, I love taking five minutes to write freely.

This week’s word: cherished.

As last weekend came to an end, I ended a budding relationship because it just didn’t feel right.

He is a good man. He likely would have cherished me. But as the sun sets on that relationship, it is clear to me now that being cherished is only half the equation.

Much like the greatest joy of a gift is in the giving, the treasure of a cherished relationship is in the cherishing.

I’m afraid I would not have cherished him. And in the end, that’s not fair to him, and it’s not going to fulfill me.

The sweetness of looking at someone and positively bursting with joy that they are in your life, part of your family, one of your friends…that is a joy that is not just received from someone else, although it feels great when you know someone else cherishes you.

The power in that emotion is in the action.

Do I want to be cherished? Of course.

But more than that, I want to cherish someone back.