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Recently, cancer has crept way too close to my personal life.

A friend who is fighting it. A friend who had a scare. A former student fighting for his life.

In each case, my heart empathizes with the affected person and my over-anxious brain races into overdrive asking myself “What would I do if that were me? Or my child? Or my sister? Or my parent?”

I can only imagine that a serious illness diagnosis would send me into a complete and utter panic and an awful floundering feeling of not having any control.

I know that I would quickly turn to the Internet to find options, ideas, information.

But I also know that I would need help. I would need support in sorting out all the options. I would need to know about clinical trials and new treatments.

That’s where a site like cureLauncher could be so helpful.

cureLauncher is a site that connects patients with medical solutions for cancer.

cureLauncer also helps raise funds for projects that advance medical research.

Find it. Fund it. Cure it.

cureLauncher is changing the way the world fights disease.

It’s an interesting idea.

For more information, visit the cureLauncher website, follow cureLauncher on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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