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2013: Just Be Enough

I remember a moment near the beginning of my freshman year of high school: I was sitting at a lunch table with a bunch of really nice girls. But I remember feeling like they just didn’t “get” me.

It wasn’t that they were unkind. They weren’t.

It wasn’t that they weren’t smart. They were.

It wasn’t that they wouldn’t have been great friends. They would have.

But we didn’t have the same interests. Our target destination was not the same.

I ended up sitting elsewhere in the cafeteria. I made friends along the way who remain friends to this day. People who GET me.

As my blogging journey has evolved, I’ve felt much like I did that day in the high school cafeteria. There have been some wonderful people along the way. Kind people. Smart people. People who would have made great friends.

But our target destination wasn’t the same.

There have been others, though, whose message resonates deep within my heart.

Today, I am thrilled to announce that I have been selected as a regular contributor to Just Be Enough.

Being a part of this project means so much to me. My own personal journey of acceptance has a community behind it. The strength I share with my words is fortified by the words of the women around me.

Each of us in the Just Be Enough project have selected three words as our focus for our own personal growth this year.


This year, I hope to grow in my ability to:


Making the choice to step back,
live in the moment,
avoid chronic over-scheduling,
and simply take time to relax.


 Choosing to experience
life through a variety of experiences

and to explore options for relationships
with different kinds of people.


Taking stock
of the blessings in my life,
truly being grateful for each one, 
and striving to curtail the never satisfied
voice in my head that constantly
“I want…”.

I’m excited about the journey.  Won’t you join us?

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