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Santa’s List Day

all I want for Christmas isToday is Santa’s List Day.

Apparently, we need a day to dedicate to writing down what we want from the big guy if we’ve been more nice than naughty?

Who knew such a holiday existed?

I certainly didn’t, but I took the opportunity to talk to each of my boys about their Santa List.

Thing One wants a guitar from Guitar Center: $849

Thing Two wants a laptop: $400

Mama wants a winning lottery ticket so she can buy the guitar and the laptop and a few things for others. Plus a housekeeping service. And a new computer. And a trip to the ocean. And. And. And.

Yet this morning, my heart is full of gratitude because my boys both know that while I’d love to make their dreams come true, but understand that there’s no reasonable way to do so this year.

And they each gave me a list of far less expensive things that would make them happy.

So, I’m putting on my Santa’s List: Grateful kids.

Just so I can check mark it as “received”.

What’s on your Santa’s List?