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Memories Captured

This week marks the 70th anniversary of my dad’s birth.

Inspired by this project, my sister and I created a photo memory book, complete with stories, pictures, quotes and anecdotes from friends and family near and far.

On Saturday, we converged from three cities to enjoy dinner together. As we left the restaurant to spend the remainder of the evening at my home for dessert and conversation, my younger son said, “Mama, I hope that photo book gets Grandpa talking about his memories. I love when he does that.”

And it did.

We spent a lovely evening filling in the bits and pieces and details of a life well lived full of adventures, twists and turns, sadness and joy.  My father, my sister and I filled in details from our own memory perspectives and my sister and I learned some interesting tidbits of Dad’s life.

70th birthday

While I have always been proud to be his daughter, looking at the sum total (to date) of his life and seeing the connections, the significance and the difference he’s made in the lives of others simply solidified the truth in this quote:

There’s something like a line of gold thread
running through a man’s words
when he talks to his daughter,
and gradually over the years
it gets to be long enough for you
to pick up in your hands
and weave into a cloth that
feels like love itself.

~John Gregory Brown

Happy Birthday, Dad!