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Just Be Enough: Thankful

I’ve been working on being grateful not just for the really important things, like my children, my job, my dog, my home, but for simple everyday things too.

Like the coffee that’s brewing as I type. On Saturday, I had a coffee shortage. Sure makes me appreciate my Monday morning cup.

And the fact that I am able to afford to buy Thing Two a second scientific calculator when his goes missing and then I have the fortune to find one at Costco for $6.

Let’s not forget that I should be grateful for being able to identify the matches who aren’t my match as I work my way through my Match.com subscription. At least I have the self-confidence to wait for someone who suits me rather than settling just to have someone.

But today, on a global level, I’m grateful for people who do good things.

I believe deeply that there is more good than evil in this world, but we don’t focus on the good, so we don’t always see it.

Our news shows provide 95% bad news: crime, taxes, scandals, disasters. And every once in a while show us one story of something truly good — not one of those positive PR deals that the TV station sponsors — but showing some good news just for the sake of sharing good news.

This weekend, I stumbled upon this video.

It made me smile. And I decided to that it’s my call to focus on the positive. And to be infinitely thankful for it.

Won’t you join me?