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Five Minute Friday: Wonder

Five Minute Friday:Wonder It’s Friday. It’s the last day of November. It’s the last day of NaBloPoMo, and while I got started late (November 5), I didn’t miss a day the rest of the month.

So, I’m thrilled to be spending a quick five minutes sharing my thoughts on “Wonder” — and then I may not write another word for 48 hours. Not even a grocery list 🙂

Timer set, and GO.

I often ponder whether my children have learned to stop and appreciate our planet. I’ve done my best to model it. I share my thoughts with them. But I know how teenage minds work, and I am quite certain there’s a good bit of good-natured eye-rolling that happens after I’ve said something and then turn my back to them.

But, every once in a great while, there’s a glimmer of hope…a magical family moment that isn’t crafted by me, but happens very naturally without prompting, and then my heart is buoyed by hope.

Last night, after listening to Thing One’s concert at school, I pulled in the driveway to see him unloading his stuff from his trunk. As I started to enter the garage, he motioned for me to stop.

He came to my car and said, “Do you want to see a brilliant sky?”

I was wiped out exhausted, as was his brother, but tiredness gets trumped by family connection every single time. Of course I wanted to see it!

We hopped in my car, and he directed us to a back road near our home. It’s far enough out of the main city to allow for a decent view of the night sky.

We pulled off the road, got out of the car and looked up to see the gorgeously bright full moon, and dozens and dozens of stars.

Spectacular! We looked for constellations. We marveled at the moon.

As I got back in the car and we headed home, I gave thanks for a magical moment with my kids. A moment in which it was abundantly clear:

They feel wonder.

I feel blessed.