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Blessing in Disguise

Mama’s Losin’ It My grandmother used to always say, “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

At the time, I completely disagreed.

But with age, along with varicose veins, gray hairs, and strange skin growths, comes wisdom. And now I get it.

In all honesty, it’s one of those lessons you can’t quite see until you have enough of a life to reflect backwards and see the positive things that resulted from the negative ones.  Hindsight is 20/20, you know?

I’m there now…with my varicose veins, gray hairs, weird skin growths and the wisdom  to look back over events and see that they were, indeed, blessings in disguise.  Although, truth be told, my hindsight glasses are bifocals.

Take for example, the Man Who Would Be King…the man I loved and thought I would spend the rest of my life with. The man who would have been the stepfather to my children. The man who knocked up another girl while we were dating. If I hadn’t uncovered his infidelity  I might have been the unlucky sap married to him, with him probably continuing to parade around town as a flirtatious philanderer.

It took me YEARS to see that silver lining.

I’ve written before about how life’s twists and turns landed me in the job I love, even though to get to it, I had to lose the opportunity for the job I thought I wanted.

It took me MONTHS to see that one.

But most recently, I’ve noticed that the wisdom to see the silver lining comes more quickly after the negative event if I’m ready to see it.

Not having tons of extra money for restaurant meals has meant that my boys and I are eating healthier at home.

I noticed that one within weeks.

And recent dark clouds (albeit not MAJOR ONES) have shown their silver lining within days.

My frustration at not finding just the right decor for my laundry room project allowed me to take the pressure off of finishing that by my deadline.

My nephew’s inadvertent damage to my bathroom sink led me to a great handyman, helpful and honest, who will be in my contacts ready for another project.

And Thing Two didn’t make the 8th grade basketball team, but as a result, is on a rec league team with several friends…and we’ve agreed to carpool!

I hope I’m learning that the downs of life bring ups. And sometimes the greatest valleys bring the greatest heights.

Perhaps I’ll begin to recognize them as they happen, rather than through the bifocal lens of hindsight.

What gifts of your life came after the storm?