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Five Minute Friday: Join

Five Minute Friday

Wow. I can hardly believe it’s been over a week since I posted. I have never neglected RCM for so long. My analytics are going to be in the toilet, but more importantly I feel like I’ve been missing a piece of myself. Between house guests last weekend and the first full week of school, I haven’t had two minutes to write.

But it’s Friday morning, and I have five minutes. So, it’s time for a Five Minute Friday post inpired by Lisa Jo Baker of Tales from a Gypsy Mama.

Today’s focus: JOIN

There’s a flurry of activity that descends upon any household that attends school outside of its own walls during the first couple of weeks of school each fall.

PTA forms.

Robotics club flyers.

Athletic team options.

And, as a professional librarian, it’s the time of year when all of my professional organization dues come around.

But this year, the joining that most inspired my heart came from a most surprising source.

Thing One has transferred to a new school. A progressive place where problem solving isn’t just an activity done on a worksheet (in fact, I’d hazard to say that there won’t be much problem solving done on worksheets there).

I attended the Parent Orientation. I expected a night of “this is what we expect from you and your kid” — instead, I was greeted  with warm open arms of welcome, some inspiration for what this year could hold, and an opportunity to join a parent organization.

But not just any parent organization.

One we, as parents, will create TOGETHER. One that meets our needs. One that meets the needs of the school.

How cool is that?

I’ve never been so excited to join a PTA.

This is probably how Thing One feels about his coursework too.

He spent hours watching a British television show based on Sherlock Holmes that was introduced to him by his British Lit teacher. Not because he HAD to. Because he WANTED to.

And that, my friends, is the goal: joining, learning, participating as a member of a community with no feelings of guilt or obligation, but true willingness to be a part of something.

Thing One and I are a part of something.