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If you’ve been keeping up with reading RCM, you are probably well aware that I am in the midst of a social experiment: online dating.

This is not my first foray into the hinterland on a quest to find a boyfriend.  I’ve braved this frontier a time or two before.

But, it has been quite some time since I’ve ventured out.

I had a couple of people ask the other day why I’m braving it again if the last few dates didn’t go so well.

First and foremost, I work in a female dominated industry. Finding a guy through work just isn’t a realistic option.

Secondly, my friends are almost all happily married. As are their friends.

And third, I just don’t have time to troll the grocery store for a potential life partner.  Besides, I’m very rusty on my pickup lines. Pretty sure, “Hey baby, want to squeeze my melons?” would probably get me escorted out of the store.

There has been mounting evidence that it’s been too long since I had a decent date.  I thought I’d share with you the top five clues that finally sent me over the edge and back into the online dating pool:

5 – An inventory of my underwear drawer reveals only cotton, sensible undies. Some are sporting holes. And not in a cool punk rocker holey undies kind of way.

4 – When one of the online guys asked if I had plans this weekend, my instinct was to say, “Yes! I’m going to be scrubbing the grout in my shower.”

3 – Deciding what to wear to meet a guy for a burger and beer has become a quest of colossal proportions.

2 – When a sweet male specimen winked at me the other day, I was convinced he had something in his eye.


1 – My idea of a hot Friday night is watching HGTV without air conditioning.

See? I clearly need to get back out there.