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There’s a new chicken in town

Last week, I had a mental blog blowout of epic proportions. I was lost in a forest of ideas of what the experts say a blog should be, and I completely lost sight of the rooted, growing blog in front of me.

Rubber Chicken Madness has evolved (and, truthfully, will continue to evolve) since it’s inception in 2010. Please, for the love of God, do NOT go into the archives and read my drivel from 2010. Or if you do, please do not judge. 

It’s initial purpose was to help fund a single parent family struggling to get by. I’m sure I don’t need to tell most of the bloggers who read this that it certainly hasn’t accomplished that goal. Yet.

I tried to write about parenting boys as a single mother. I discovered that I was no more an expert on that than I was on nuclear physics. I felt like a fake.

I discovered that I’m not an expert on much. I’m always learning, always growing, always adapting and changing. But I’ve never felt like I’ve become an expert at anything.

I reflected long and hard about possibly letting RubberChickenMadness go by the wayside…a remnant of a life lesson learned.

But I enjoy writing it.

I thrive on the interaction with other bloggers, with my readers, even with the blogging platform.

It’s a place I can create.

And as such, I can make it into whatever I want.

So, as an extroverted problem solver, I turned to some women whose opinions I trust, who have read enough of my words to know my heart, and who would be honest, forthright and, at the same time, gentle and kind.

I poured my heart out. Tears streamed down my face. Anger pulsed through my veins as self doubt tried to take hold. Despair spilled all over the page.

These women listened and encouraged. They tossed out words that held the essence of truth that I sought. They provided inspiration where before there had been confusion and sadness.

In the end, this is what I know.

I said long ago that I insist on authenticity.

I think there’s value in that.

I am not afraid to share my failings, my fears, my dreams…

If others can be inspired by my willingness to embrace imperfection…

If others can learn from my mistakes…

If others smile, laugh, cry or get angry…

Then the words are worthwhile.

I can inform. I can inspire. I can interact.

And so, I welcome you to the newly redesigned Rubber Chicken Madness. In this space, I will write, I will share, I will explore and I will ponder.

I. Will. Be. Me.

India.Arie & Bonnie Raitt - I Choose

Special heartfelt thanks to three women
who collectively have helped me find my path:

Jill – Single Mom on a Budget

Kelly – Naked Girl in a Dress

and last, but never ever least…

Carrie – AKALaverne

New RubberChickenMadness design courtesy of Heck Awesome
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