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Robin Roberts – MDS Diagnosis

Yesterday, Robin Roberts made an announcement that she’s fighting MDS.

I missed the original announcement because I haven’t been turning the TV on until the evening news.

But I saw niblets of the news on Twitter. And had to find out what was going on.

So, I took some time yesterday afternoon to sit and watch the video of her announcement.

Tears streamed down my face.

Even though I’ve never met her.

She’s as much a part of my day as many of the people I see in my daily life here in Missouri.

There’s something warm and real about her.

I remember crying when she announced her breast cancer diagnosis.

I remember the day she decided to take off the hairpiece she had worn on the air during her chemo treatment. I cried with joy.

That woman embodies incredible courage. Incredible strength. Incredible humanity.

I enjoy other anchors. But none have connected with my heart like Robin has.

This quote from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross sums it up for me:

I will hold her needs in my heart and keep her close in my prayers.

Will you join me?