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Hidden scraps of a long lost love

As we prepared for the garage sale we’re planning on holding next weekend, we dug through each and every corner of the basement today.

We found quite a few items to sell, and even if they don’t bring us money, they won’t be coming back in the house. They’ll be a donation to Goodwill to bless someone else’s life.

Along with the old board games, candlesticks, suitcases and kitchen implements relegated to basement life because they don’t get used in the kitchen, I happened upon a small scrap of paper that stopped me in my tracks.

love note

This little scrap of paper — in reality it is 2″ x 3″ — has a flower, a date, and a signature.

I hadn’t thought of this scrap of paper in seven years.

The Man Who Would Be King gave it to me toward the end of our first date. He had decided he was smitten with me, and he wished he’d brought me flowers.

Sweet, huh?

At the time I thought so.

I was smitten too.

Still am, I guess.

Even though he lied to me as easily as he breathed.

And my heart has titanium armor around it now.

My self esteem took a direct hit — from which I may not have fully recovered.  Even now.

But, my future isn’t in our past. My future is ahead of me. With someone worthy of me.

long lost love

And so…that little scrap of paper that I tucked away so long ago feels a bit like a talisman — tying me to a man who has moved on.

Keeping me tethered to fear of a future heartbreak.

Holding me captive.

And so, while I thought strongly about recycling it, I knew that knowing it could blow away and still exist bothered me.

So, I burned it.

And as a forest fire renews a forest from time to time, the ashes of this small connection to my former love will renew my heart.

Those ashes will add nourishment to the soil beneath my favorite tree. The one I see from my office window.

The one that will shade the path of my next love.

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