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Square Foot Gardening: Building the grid

One of the things I love best about Square Foot Gardening is how beautifully it fits into my “structured and organized” brain.

I like for things to have their place, and the square foot grid does that for my veggies.

Really, what did you expect from me? I’m a librarian who grows veggies. :)

As my second post in my Square Foot Gardening series, I’ve prepared a YouTube video to show you exactly how easy it is to organize your veggie garden. Mel Bartholomew builds a wooden grid. I don’t have time or the frustration tolerance to do it that way. My way is simple, effective and can be done in just a few minutes.

Square Foot Gardening: Building the grid


See? Easy peasy!

Now, tell me…what veggies are YOU going to grow?

And come back on Tuesday for a description of how to decide which veggies go in each square. There’s a logical method, and I’ll explain how I decide what goes where.

Your homework in the meantime? Get your raised bed. Get your soil and compost materials. Get your grid built.

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