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A Better World — One Blog at at Time

Sweaty of Do Sweat the Small Stuff and a bunch of her blog friends are hosting linkups this week to celebrate their blog anniversaries.

I hate to miss a party…so I’m donning my favorite little black dress (or my flannel pjs) and using my freshly manicured (I wish!) fingers to elegantly craft a blog post (or write until I hit 400 words or so) to honor the anniversarians.

Truly, though, I’m thrilled that It Builds CharacterThe Woven Moments , The Adventures of Daddy Runs A LotDo Sweat the Small Stuff, and Literal Mom have graciously invited us to their party.

While I knew of a couple of these blogs, and a couple of these peeps on Twitter, this anniversary week gives me a chance to get to know them better and a chance to link up so they get to know me. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Therefore, because the human network is the most amazing thing about blogging, allow me the next couple hundred words to share with you my thoughts on the idea that the blogging community improves life.

When I first started, I was definitely a little newbie on the block. Not to be confused with the New Kids on the Block. Who really aren’t new. In fact, they’re getting a bit old. But that’s another post.

I was a little unsure. A little excited. A little over the top.

But lots of bloggers knew just where I was coming from because it was just where they had been. They accepted me for who I was and where I had been.

Relationships sparked with common denominators of kids, divorce, being back in the Hellstorm we call online dating.  We connected. We bonded.

We began to be there for each other.

I am an extroverted problem solver; I am also a single parent.

Having online friends with whom I could brainstorm parenting brilliance was an immeasurable gift.

The blogging community became my sounding board. I sent out to the Universe (or the Internet — aren’t they the same thing?) my thoughts, feelings and frustrations and received back astronomical amounts of wisdom, love and understanding.

They opened their arms to me. They opened their eyes to my words. In the end, by opening up to me, they actually opened ME.

I dug deeper into my thoughts and feelings and actions. I looked hard at my life, my loves, my failures. I began to treasure my children more each day because there were bloggers out there reminding me through their lives to do so.

These bloggers made me laugh harder, love more deeply and live more fully.

Simply through their words.

And my life is all the better for it.