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Oh, the Possibilities!

Yesterday, I was the Supreme Princess of the Day because it was MY BIRTHDAY! It was a day full of all the best things

  • multitudes of Facebook Friends wishing me the best
  • coffee with caramel macchiato creamer
  • a fabulous massage
  • fresh flowers via delivery
  • my grandma’s strawberry cake recipe baked for me by Thing One and Thing Two
  • a homemade mac and cheese cooking lesson for Thing Two
  • thoughtful gifts including an original poem by Thing One and beautiful silver bangle bracelets from both boys
  • and lots and lots of laughs and hugs and phone calls from people I adore.

And hopefully my Supreme Princess dispensation for all yesterday allowed many of you to get ice cream, new puppies and jewelry, or at the very least a well-deserved nap!

Yesterday, I looked back over year 41 and reveled in my accomplishments. I really did conquer a lot of my fears last year. I had the dreaded mammogram, had a wisdom tooth removed, traveled out of the country with my children, whitewater rafted in level four rapids, started this little blog, and started dating again.  Whew! No wonder I need a nap every single weekend day.

But here I am at the beginning of year 42. I don’t feel much different than I did yesterday. Maybe a little wiser? Maybe not.

Last year, on the day after my birthday, I declared year 41 as The Year of Courage. I knew there were things that I was avoiding out of fear. I knew that had to end. I was finally a grown up at age 41. I needed to deal with them. And I did.

As I look forward to 42, I am declaring it

The Year of Openness

This year, I will be open to all kinds of things. I am open to:

This year, I will not say, “That’s impossible.”

This year, I will not think, “That’s impossible.”

I will just consider that seemingly impossible things may, in fact, be


And every great goal deserves it’s own anthem. I’m officially declaring my song of the year to be:

Chances by Five for Fighting

(click to see the video — truly an amazing song)

Bring it on, Year 42.

I’m more than ready for ya!