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Happy Birthday (to me)!

5 lbs 6 oz doesn't get cuter than this!

Yep…it’s my own personal holiday.

Everyone better act like it, too.

You see…this is MY day. And I can sometimes be kind of Birthday-Girl-zilla about it.

Imagine me stomping about screaming, “This is MY day! This is MY day! I want things MY way because this is MY day!”

OK, now that you’ve stopped laughing because you can’t (or can) imagine such a thing, let’s explore why my birthday should be a day when everything stops and begins to revolve around me:

I have always been a little on the intense side.

It’s the day we celebrate the moment that the Earth was graced with my presence. And isn’t the world infinitely better with ME in it?  Um…the answer to that is a resounding YES!

Which also happens to be the same day of the year that the world met Einstein and Billy Crystal (although not in the same year). So, you see…smart and funny people are born on this day. I just happen to be both.  AND I’m modest about it!

My March birthday makes me a Pisces. And yes, I‘m that indecisive…unless it really matters. Then I make the decision and move on. I’m also somewhat sensitive, definitely perceptive and always willing to wear my heart on my sleeve.

And so, today is MY day. I don’t want to share it with anything. Thank God Shakespeare’s Ides of March means March 15th. I wouldn’t want to share my birthday with Caesar’s assassination.

As a good writer, I did my research, and according to Wikipedia (which we know to be the most authoritative source known to man – NOT!!!), there have been no seriously signficant events in history on March 14th other than my birth, which, interestingly enough, didn’t make their timeline? Of course, this proves my point of why we cannot trust them to be an authoritative source of all worthwhile information, right?

Therefore, my research clearly resolves any concern that this day could be anything other than MY DAY.

So, dear followers, as Supreme Princess of the Day, I grant you permission to buy an ice cream cone, take a nap, invest in some fun jewelry, or get a new puppy. Whatever your heart desires…just make sure you send me a present.  M’kay?

See? My sister loves me!